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As the EU referendum finally rolls around, you could be forgiven for feeling a little fatigued at the constant barrage of campaigning on every TV channel and in every newspaper.

However, we at Northwood Hills Service Station never shy away from the big issues!

Here we look at one of the most important arguments of all- who makes the best cars...

The Super Mini's >>

The world is now awash with micro cars. Manufacturer's race to give us vehicles with ever decreasing dimensions. Rewind 50 odd years though and it was a different story. The two that ruled the roost then were from opposite sides of the channel, one British, the other Italian. In one corner, the cheeky, quirky charm of the baby Fiat, the 500, in the other, The classic 'every man' car, the ubiquitous Mini. Frankly, both are a perfect combination of minuscule size and massive fun. That said, the UK takes the crown on this occasion. The mini was the ultimate masterclass in compact design, using a transverse engine and front wheel drive layout that is still in mass use today. It was also classless. Everyone from Royalty to the chip shop lady loved them. In production for over half a century, they have earned their way into motoring folklore and we love them!

The Luxury Barges >>

Think luxury motoring, and you'll likely think of Rolls Royce. However, they face stiff competition from their German rivals, Mercedes with their flagship car, the Maybach.

The fact of the matter is, the Maybach is a better car. It's quieter, more fuel efficient, safer, quicker and cheaper than the big Brit. However, none of that matters. Rolls Royce have been the last word in luxury since God was a boy and frankly if you turn up to movie premier in the back of a Phantom, you'll look like a Hollywood star. If you turn up in the Maybach, you'll look like a taxi driver. And that is the be all and end all at this end of the market.

A convincing win for the Brits here then!

The Super Cars >>

For many, the super car is the pinnacle of the motoring world. Cutting edge design mated with exotic materials and eye-watering price tags mean these things adorn the walls of spotty teenagers the world over.

We start with the Aston Martin. Anyone who has not lived under a rock for the last 50 years will instantly know that the Aston is the preferred steer of James Bond. From the classic DB5 right up to the latest releases, he has fought international baddies with ease from their leather lined steering wheels. Away from the silver screen, the Aston is an astonishingly capable car and one certainly worthy of it's place in motoring history.

On now to the Italian offering. Few names evoke such an emotive response form people quite like Ferrari does. Every swoop and curve of the provocative red bodywork screams of a racing heritage going back generations. This rich history finds influence under the bonnet as well. There is something magical about hearing a Ferrari V-12 engine on full song.

In reality, ownership of a Ferrari is a frustrating affair. You can't leave the car anywhere because upon your return, it'll either be scratched down the sides courtesy of green eyed vandals or covered in hand prints as people have gawped inside to peek at the beautiful Italian stitched leather. It gets worse when you have to drive it, the whole world will want to race you, turning even a trip to the local shop into some sort of Grand Prix. It's not important though.

Driving a super car should be special. Something to be enjoyed. Every mile should be a memory. It's for this reason that the European's romp home to victory here. The Aston may be James Bond's car but when it comes to super cars and Ferrari, nobody does it better.

So there you have it, proof indeed that whatever happens in June, we'll still be able to enjoy the very best that the motoring world has to offer!

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