A Guide To... Summer Driving

We all know about the importance of being careful when driving in the winter. But how about when the clouds clear and the sun comes out?

Here we take a look at everything you need to know about being prepared for those scorching summer days...

Vehicle Checks

Antifreeze: Coolant isn't just for stopping the water freezing in the winter, it also prevents it from boiling up in the summer. Have your's checked and replaced if needs be.

Cooling Fan: Along with the coolant, the electric fan is an important part of the vehicle's arsenal against overheating. Check your's works by letting the car idle for 10-15 minutes and listening for the fan (under the bonnet by the radiator), kicking in and out.

Tyres: High temperatures and rubber are a bad mix. Make sure all your tyres are in good order and that the pressures are correctly set.

Wiper blades: Check condition. Good wipers are vital to stop smearing on the windscreen that can seriously affect your vision.

Screen Wash: Along with decent wipers, make sure your screen wash is topped up. Dirty screens and bright sun are not a good combination!

Air Conditioning: Whilst not exactly vital for driving, things are a whole lot easier when you're not sat in a furnace whilst you crawl along in summer traffic. Check your a/c system is up to the job. If not, pop in and see us and we'll top it up for you!

Stuff you'll need It’s a good idea to put together two bags of kit. One containing things you should carry in your car all year around which can live in your boot, and one with the extra stuff you need for the summer months. This can be left in the garage and thrown in the car when the sun has got his hat on. Kit 1 All Year: First aid kit – Warning triangle – Spare bulb kit – Road Atlas – Bottled water – Spare prescription glasses – Phone charger – Personal medication

Kit 2 Summer: Sun glasses – Sun tan lotion – Hay fever tablets – Snacks

Along with these items, make sure you take plenty of bottled water in case of a breakdown.

Other tips Be aware of the seasonal road users at this time of year. Pay particular attention whilst driving on the twisty country roads. Bikers, cyclists and horse riders will all be out in force.

Additionally, when driving in an urban environment, be aware of children playing near the roads. This advice obviously stands all year around!

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