A Guide To... Winter Driving

Andy Williams might think winter is the most wonderful time of the year but when it comes to our roads, nothing is further from the truth! Dave gives you a few pointers to help deal with whatever Jack Frost can throw at you...

Vehicle Checks Firstly, check your car is up to the bad weather. We offer a FREE WINTER CHECK to all our customers. This includes;

Antifreeze: Fluid level and content. Make sure the antifreeze content is up to specification Battery: We’ll test it to make sure it will see you through the winter months. Lights: Check all vehicle lights for operation and condition. Tyres: Check tread and condition. It is recommended for winter driving that tyres should have no less than 3mm of tread remaining. Wiper blades: Check condition. Good wipers are vital to stop smearing on the windscreen that can seriously affect your vision. Screen Wash: Top up as required making sure there is sufficient chemical content to stop freezing.

Stuff you'll need It’s a good idea to put together two bags of kit. One containing things you should carry in your car all year around which can live in your boot, and one with the extra stuff you need for the winter months. This can be left in the garage and thrown in the car when the weather turns for the worst. Kit 1 All Year: First aid kit – Warning triangle – Spare bulb kit – Road Atlas – Bottled water Sunglasses – Spare prescription glasses – Phone charger – Personal medication

Kit 2 Winter: Thick blanket – Snow Shovel – Reflective jacket – Salt – Snacks – Torch - Scraper Tow rope – Carpet (put under wheels for traction) – Jump leads – Warm clothes

Other tips *If you have a journey planned, fill up a thermos flask with either soup or a hot drink. *Make sure you tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to be there. *Always keep a healthy amount of petrol in your car in case you are stranded. Remember, if the engines not running, nor is the heater! *Finally, if it looks too bad to go out in, then don’t. Nothing is too important to risk the safety of yourself and others.

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