A Guide To... Weekly car checks

Whilst nothing can take the place of regular servicing, there are some weekly checks that you can do at home to make sure your car is up to the rigours of daily motoring life.


Lights:  Check the operation of all light bulbs. Remember to check fog lights and reverse.  Inspect the lenses for any damage or degradation. Vision:  Make sure there are no chips or cracks on the windscreen. If there are, get them fixed ASAP as a small chip can turn into a crack which will require a new screen.  Clean the edge of your wiper blades with a soft cloth. Check there is no splitting to the blade edge. Tyres:  Check and adjust the vehicle’s tyre pressures to the manufacturer’s specification.  Inspect the tyres for any cuts, bulges or other damage.  Measure the tread depth of all tyres.  Don’t forget the spare tyre too! Bodywork:  Walk around the car, checking for any new damage to the bodywork. Pay particular attention to any loose trim or sharp edges.

Under The Bonnet

Check and top up all fluid levels including:  Engine Oil  Coolant  Brake Fluid  Power Steering Fluid  Screen Wash

On The Move

When out in the car, listen for any strange noises, smells or noticeable change in performance.

If you spot anything at all, pop the car into us and let us check it out. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

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