A Guide To... Improving your fuel economy

Whether you drive a V-12 supercar of a three cylinder super-mini, the chances are you are using more fuel than you could be. Follow our pointers below and watch the difference stack up at the petrol pumps.

Fuel Saving Tips

*One of the simplest things you can do is keep your tyre pressures set to the correct level. This has a massive impact on fuel economy and takes minutes to check. Try to do this every week. Don’t want to get your hands dirty? No problem, pop in and see us and we’ll gladly check them for you!

*On the subject of tyres, next time you need yours replacing, check out the new style labeling system. It rates tyres on a variety of factors, one of which is fuel efficiency. Current front runners are GoodYear’s Efficient Grip Performance and Dunlop’s Blue Response. When the time comes, we’ll advise you on which tyre gives you most bang for your buck.

*Keep your vehicle properly serviced. A well maintained car will run far more efficiently than one that doesn’t see the inside of a workshop from one year to the next. Whilst it’s in, have a fuel additive put in the car. This cleans out the sludge from the tank and fuel lines and can make a big difference to economy.

*When driving, try to stay in the highest gear you can to keep the engine revs low. If cruising a motorway, engage the cruise control if you have it because the car will work out the best gear to be in automatically.

*Braking and speeding back up again drinks petrol so keep an eye on the road ahead and try to graduate any change in speed you need to make. Whilst at a standstill, don’t leave the engine running. Modern cars have stop-start technology. There is a reason for this.

*The lighter a car is the less fuel it needs. Remove anything from the car you don’t need for the journey you plan to take. There is no point driving across London to see friends with your kid’s drum kit in the boot. Unless your friends play the drums of course…

*In a similar vein, remove your roof box and even roof bars is not needed. A roof box gives a car the aerodynamic properties of a house brick. Not what you want for frugal economy.

*Have your wheel alignment regularly checked. Have you ever had a supermarket trolley that pulls to one side? If you have, you’ll know how much more effort is needed to push it. Exactly the same principal applies to a car’s wheels. You should check this once every 12 months at a minimum.

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