Run Flat Tyres

Some vehicles on the market today come with 'Run Flat' tyres. These tyres are specially designed to maintain a vehicle's mobility if a tyre deflates. This is achieved by having much thicker sidewalls that can support the weight of the vehicle for a limited time whilst the tyre is under pressurised.


Providing the car has not been driven for some distance, run flats are normally repairable, providing the repair falls within legal limits.

We do not recommend fitting non run flat tyres to vehicles that have previously been fitted with them. Firstly, vehicles fitted with run flats will have no spare wheel. Therefore, you may be stranded if you have a puncture in a non run flat tyre. Additionally, cars that use run flats are normally designed with softer suspension to compensate for the tyre's stiffer sidewall. Fitting non run flats could adversely affect the vehicle's handling characteristics.


Equally, we do not recommend that run flat tyres are fitted to cars that were not designed with them in mind. Cars with runflat tyres have pressure monitoring systems to warn drivers of a loss of pressure. With out this system, a puncture could go undetected which may lead to the vehicle becoming dangerously unstable at speed.

Run Flat tyres are generally harder to fit to wheels due to the stiffer sidewall design. We have top quality Corghi fitting machines as well as specialist protection equipment to ensure your runflats are fitted quickly and safely, without marking your wheels.

Did You Know?


Run flat tyres can also be marked as:


If you are unsure whether your vehicle needs run flat tyres, give us a ring and we'll be glad to advise you!