Caravan / Motorhome Tyres


Tyres are the only part of the caravan or motorhome which are in contact with the road surface. Safety in acceleration, braking, steering and cornering all rely on the tyres' relatively small contact area with the road surface. In addition, tyres also play a fundamental role in the suspension systems of caravans and motorhomes.


With such an important role, it is essential that tyres are properly maintained and regular checks are carried out. With the correct care and attention your tyres will help to ensure you arrive safely at your holiday destination.


Whatever tyres are fitted to the towing vehicle, caravan, motorhome or trailer tent, it is essential to the safety and stability of the combination that all the tyres are correctly inflated for the applied load. Tyres that are under-inflated are much more likely to suffer from a blowout which can result in loss of control of the vehicle.


The original tyres for a caravan are determined by a joint consultation between the caravan and tyre manufacturers and take into account all aspects of operation. In some European countries, it is illegal to use replacement tyres which differ in certain respects, (such as size, load or speed rating), from the tyre originally supplied with the van.


It is essential that tyres of the correct specification are fitted to caravans, trailers and motorhomes.


It is very important that the combined tyre load capacity is sufficient for the maximum weight of the caravan / motorhome. As an extra safeguard it is recommended that an extra 10% be allowed. Overloading can be very dangerous and must be avoided at all costs. To find out what your tyre's load ratings mean, see the link below.


One of the biggest problems with caravan and motorhome tyres is ageing. By their very nature, they generally don't cover an awful lot of mileage so tend to degrade with time rather than wear out. It is essential that tyres are fully inspected prior to use and particularly after long periods of storage.


As a rule, most tyre manufacturers recommend tyres are replaced on leisure vehicles after five to seven years. This includes the spare also. The tyre's age can be determined by a three or four digit code stamped on the sidewall. For more help, see below.


If you are unsure of your caravan or motorhome tyre's age or condition, we will gladly inspect them for you free of charge.

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