MoT Testing


The MoT test is carried out anually and examines the road worthiness of your vehicle.

An MoT is NOT a service. It simply determines whether a vehicle meets the MINIMUM required legal standard on the day of examination.

It is imperative to service your car regularly so items not covered by the MoT can be inspected and essential fluids and filters are replaced.

Should your vehicle need work to pass it's test, we can carry out a full range of repairs.

We will retest your car for FREE within 10 working days.



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MoT invoiced at full price. Equivalent discount given on labour charge.

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What gets tested on the MoT?


The MoT test primarily tests the parts of the vehicle that have a direct effect on the safety of the driver as well as other road users. These areas include the lights, driver vision, tyre condition etc.. The car's exhaust emmisions are also analysed to ensure that harmful pollutants are not present.


The diagram to the right shows the other ares that are inspected.


If you want to know more, the full DVSA inspection manual can be downloaded by following the link below.

How can my car pass its MoT first time?


We want your car to pass its MoT first time just as much as you do! Obviously, you can't chack everything beforehand but in this helpful video, What Car's Nigel Donnelly gives you a few pointers to make sure your vehicle stands the best chance of a painless fresh ticket.



Don't worry about your bulbs and wipers! We don't charge any labour to supply and fit any bulbs or blades you might need on the day of test...


*Some exceptions may apply