1966 was a great year for London...


It wasn't just the victorious world cup campaign of '66 that made London a

great place to be!

In the quite town of Northwood Hills, a man called Roger took over an old petrol station with little more than a bag full of old tools. 


Fast forward 50 years and although the petrol pumps are long gone, and Northwood Hills has been consumed by the urban sprawl of London, one thing still remains. Our local garage! The bag of tools however, has grown into a modern workshop with state of the art diagnostic equiptment and facilities to undertake all things automotive.


One thing hasn't changed though, our attitude to customer care. Right from the start, we have served the local area with honesty and integrity. This commitment to quality has always been the underlying principal that Roger strived to maintain. We don't go for the easy option. We don't go looking for a quick buck. We don't cut corners when no one's looking. We aim to treat our customers and their cars with the respect that we ourselves would expect.


20 years ago, when a man (well, a boy then), called Dave started fitting tyres on a Saturday to pay for his car insurance, he agreed with that prinipal. He worked hard to carry on Roger's business ethos and some years later, when Roger decided to hang up the spanners, a man called Dave took over an old petrol station with little more than a bag of slightly newer tools...

Meet the Team


To us, the most important thing about our business is the relationship we have with our customers. You are not just details on a job card, you are people!

Scroll through the gallery to the right to get aquainted with the team so you'll always know a friendly face when you pop in to see us!


Our Commitment to Quality


From the tip of its ariel to the tread on the tyres, we are committed to provide only the best quality parts for your vehicle. We don't cut corners and we don't comprimise on your safety. Ever.

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